Compatible Toner & Ink- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an original and a compatible cartridge? 

There is almost no difference! An original cartridge is manufactured by the same company that made your printer while a compatible is produced by a 3rd party like Quest4Toner.

Otherwise they are virtually the same!


Why should I buy a compatible cartridge?

Compatible cartridges can save you a lot of money! Compatibles can be up to 80% cheaper then an original.  


Is there any difference in quality between an Original and a Compatible Cartridge 

No! They are both built to the exact same standards. The quality is the same and the print out is indistinguishable. 


If compatibles are the same quality as originals why would anyone buy an original if the price is so much higher?

Some large organizations have IT departments that mandate the use of an original toner. Quest4Toner carry a full-line of original product which we're happy to supply. However, if you do not require an original we certainly recommend you purchase a compatible manufactured by Quest4Toner.