How to decide what type of printer to buy

When you’re in the market, it’s hard to decide what type of printer to buy for your household or business. There are so many brands and makes and models of printers – how to choose?

Choices, choices

First you have your ink jet printers, which are a little more affordable and you have the toner printers. Then you have to decide whether you want black and white or color. Scan or no scan? So many choices – so little time!

Let’s take a step back on this for a second and really digest this purchase. You’ll want to consider a few things before buying your next printer:

  • Color or Black & White: Decide whether it’s important to have color in your prints. Understand that with color comes an added expense – both in printer costs and ink cartridge costs. When you buy a color printer, it uses multiple cartridges simultaneously, so when one goes down, your printer can’t print color anymore. You’ll need to go out (or buy from our handy Quest4Toner website) and purchase that new cartridge and then you can carry on with your prints.
  • Scanning capabilities: This is a decision you will make if scanning is important to your printing and computer needs. Often time it’s more out of convenience and won’t cost you much extra for the unit.
  • Ink Jet or Laser Toner Cartridges: Here’s the biggest dilemma you’ll have when you decide what type of printer to buy. The truth is, whether you go with ink or toner, you’ll ultimately be saving when you go with a compatible toner cartridge when the time comes to replace it. Think of the printer purchase as a car and the toner is like the insurance, gas and other associated costs . The toner makes the printer run, but it shouldn’t cost more than your printer! When you buy with Quest4Toner, we truly give your wallet a break and you can be rest assured it will work just as effectively, if not better!

 When you buy a printer, there are many factors to take into consideration. But when it comes to toner – the choice is easy! Our high-quality toner and ink cartridges will be compliant with all makes and models of printers – no matter what the choice!

Happy printer buying!

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