Our easy to use search tool gives our customers a seamless experience when searching for their printer’s cartridge.

How to properly search for products on Quest4Toner.ca

As a leader in toner cartridges in Canada, we pride ourselves on our website’s ease of use and mobile friendliness. Our easy to use search tool gives our customers a seamless experience when searching for their printer’s cartridge.

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We’ve put many resources and tools into making our website user experience better for our customers and we’re constantly looking at different ways to improve. We take customer feedback and inquiries very seriously as we want to ensure your experience is the best we can offer!

Our website’s search functionality has evolved and has grown in strides over the years and is a focal point of the website, both in stature and prominence. However, we advise our customers to be as specific as they can be when searching for products on Quest4Toner.ca.

Here are some practical differences when adding dashes or spaces in your search query.

When searching using no spaces or dashes – search for “MFC8950” in the search bar will result in an empty result page:

Quest4Toner Search Results

However, by being more specific in your search, this will garner fuller results for your toner search. Try typing in “MFC-8950DW” and see the results:

Quest4Toner Search Results

Here’s another example of nonspecific results. Type in “CE320” and you’ll end up with nothing again:

Quest4Toner Search Results

However, update your search query to “CE320A” – adding that “A” will give you the results you need:

Quest4Toner Search Results

Incorrect toner searches will also give you no results. Being as specific as possible will give you the best experience when searching for your printer’s toner. See what happens when you type in “BLC75”:

Quest4Toner Search Results

Update your search query without the “B” in front and voila!

Quest4Toner Search Results

In other words, the more specific the query, the more specific our search functionality can help you find the toner you need for your printer!

Each of our cartridges are aligned with multiple printers and will be able to match up the printer to the cartridge needed! When you search, be sure to check the compatible printer lists on each of the cartridge pages. They are located right beneath our “Compare & Save” box and below the fold in the product information section:

Compatible Printer List

Compatible Printer List

At Quest4Toner, we are forever mindful of our customers’ experience and always eager to help out and make sure we get you the best cartridge for your printer!

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Print Specialists.


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