Tracking your order online or via the email

At Quest4Toner, we are always looking for ways to make your buying experience easier. Having spoken about our easy-to-use login system for reordering cartridges, we’d like to show you another easy way Quest4Toner is going the extra mile for our customers!

Tracking your order

Your printer is out of ink or toner and you’ve recently purchased a new cartridge. As you wait for your cartridge to arrive, we offer a few methods of tracking your purchase – both on your accounts portal and through email. 

We discussed how you can easily check our previous or pending orders in our previous post, when you go to your accounts page and find your previous orders.

At Quest4Toner, we understand it can be cumbersome at times to keep having to log into your account to check on the whereabouts of your new purchase. 

As a valued customer, we inform YOU what is happening to your order. You will be receive multiple emails tracking the progress of your toner or ink cartridge as it makes its way to you. Please make sure when you purchase your cartridge, you use a legitimate email address.  

When you first purchase your cartridge, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and will notify you that your order is ready to be shipped. The blue button on your email confirmation is a button linking you to the order progress page:

Thank you for your purchase!

In the next follow up email, we notify you that your order is on the way and you can click on the link to follow its progress:

Your order is on the way!

In the third email you’ll receive from us, you will be notified that your order is out for delivery and an estimated delivery date that you can expect the cartridge to arrive:

Order is out for delivery

Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been delivered:

order has been delivered

Your shopping experience is now complete – come back when you need more toner for your printer!

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